How to manage your account and subscription.

Step 1 - Log in

You can access your account portal and log into your account here.

A.  Fill in your Username or Email address and password to access your account.

B.  If you do not remember your password or have lost your password, click on the lost your password option to reset it. 

Step 2 - View/Edit Your Subscription Details and Orders

A. To manage or to make changes in your subscription click on Manage subscription

B. To view, your order details click on view to check your order/subscription details.

Here you can 

  1. View/ Change address. 

  2. View/ Change payment method.

  3. View Next Payment Date (Shipment Date) 

Step 2.1 - Changing shipping address (Note: Shipping and billing addresses must be changed separately — make sure you change the correct one) 

On the left navigation menu click on Addresses, you will see billing and shipping address (as shown below), click on Edit to update your address.

Update your new address and click the Save Address button.

Step 2.2 - Changing Payment method

On the left navigation menu click on Manage Subscriptions, and on the subscription page, click on the change payment button as shown below.

To add new payment method select option Use a new payment method, enter new payment details click on Change Payment Method button

Step 2.3 - Skip the upcoming month's shipment

If you have enough Brazen in stock for the coming month and wish to skip your next month’s subscription, do it by following the steps shared below:

On the left navigation menu click on Manage Subscriptions, then click on Skip Next Payment button. It will automatically change your current subscription date to next month. 

Step 2.4 - Changing the next shipping date 

If you want to postpone your shipping to a specific date later in the month, you can simply enter the new shipping date and click on Go, as shown in the image below.

Step 3 - Change your password or account details

Select Account Details from the left navigations, update your personal details & password, and when done click on the Save Changes button.

Step 4 - Cancel your order/subscription

NOTE: We highly recommend suspending your subscription. Suspended subscriptions will not be charged until you decide to reactivate, but it does give you the opportunity to reactivate in the future. Once your subscription has been cancelled, it can no longer be reactivated and you will no longer receive any special offer or pricing if you choose to create a new subscription. Instructions for pausing/suspending are in Step 4. 

Choose Manage Subscriptions from the left navigations and click on Cancel.

It will de-activate your subscription, in case you click on it by mistake you can also reactivate it by clicking on re-activate button as shown below. 

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