PMS is a complex condition that has more than 20 common symptoms. Learn how our formula addresses the root causes of PMS.

Our PMS formula works to improve your hormone, digestive, and mental health so you feel balanced, grounded, and healthy

Mental Health Blend

  1. Valerian: Relaxes irritability and supports healthy sleep.

  2. Bupleurum: PMS mood moderator to boost mood and memory.

  3. Atractylodes: Naturally reduces stress to aid sleep and recovery

Digestive Health Blend

  1. Licorice: Digestion defender and mood manager.

  2. Poria: Improves regularity and reduces bloating.

  3. Mint: Relieves digestive issues like bloating and nausea.

Hormonal Health Blend

  1. Cyperus: Antioxidant and free radical scavenger promotes detox.

  2. Turmeric: Contains a powerful antioxidant curcumin which protects the liver from oxidative stress.

  3. Skullcap: Supports healthy liver function to effectively metabolize hormones.

Complete Ingredients: Angelica Root, White Peony Root, Poria, Silk Tree Bark, Valerian Root, Siberian Milkwort Root, Bupleurum Root, Red Peony Root, Baikal Scullcap Root, Cyperus Rhizome, Bai-zhu Atractylodes Rhizome, Turmeric Tuber Root, Tree Peony Root, Mint, Honey Fried Licorice Root

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