Here's a quick review on how to take your Brazen formulas:

Brazen formulas are more than vitamins — they are a strong proprietary herbal supplement blend selected by our master herbalists to improve PMS and cramping. You don't need to take them every day, but should take them on specific days of your cycle to get the best results.

Some other helpful tips:

📱Text REMIND to 717-7BRAZEN and we'll text you when you should start each formula. Don't worry, we won't use your number for anything else.

⏰ Set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget to take your formulas each day.

😎 Keep your formulas where you can see them, like on your bathroom sink or vanity. We keep our bottles right next to our toothbrush. 

✅ Make it a routine. Take your formulas every time you brush your teeth, make a meal, or do your daily journaling. Add Brazen to your habit tracking apps!

Still have questions? Send us a message at! 😘

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