Brazen isn't a miracle pill or a one time fix. It is a way for you to start working with your period over time to produce enormous changes in your period in your health. And that doesn't just happen in one month — we typically see the best results in 90 days. 

What are the perks of Brazen's Subscription Program?

Brazen subscribers always get free shipping. We've got more great benefits coming your way and subscribers will always be the first to know about new products and programs. Plus, you don't have to stress about having Brazen when your period starts.

Should I start a subscription or just buy Brazen when I need it?

If your period has ever started and you found yourself without a pad or a tampon, then you know sometimes we're not as good at planning ahead as we think. A subscription means that you get a new package of your favorite formulas every single month, right to door — that way you always have them when you need them. Also, most women get the best results after using our products for several cycles. Hey, your period didn't get all jacked up overnight, so fixing it is going to take some time! 

My period isn't regular or only comes once in while, do I have to get a new box every month?

No way. You totally control every aspect of your subscription: the day it's mailed, how often it comes, what products are included, skipping a month, where it's delivered, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

Is this one of those hard to cancel things like my old school CD club?

Unlike tampons, our subscriptions have no strings attached. You can always manage or cancel your subscription right from our website. Just click here to log in to your account to change or cancel anytime. 

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